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About Our Services

Serving Hands Medical Center uses an evidence-based approach involving Allopathic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbal medicine, Orthomolecular Medicine, and medical devices to help our patients achieve their health goals.​ Let us guide you along the journey of health and wellness. Our experienced staff is ready to help you create a health program that fits your needs.

Doctor's Visit

Primary Care

We spend time getting to know the specific needs of each patient. We perform care for acute and chronic illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic pain, asthma, arthritis and more. We provide Wellness Exams, Sports Physicals, and Sick Visits.

Healthy Meal

Medical research shows that diet & lifestyle are major contributing factors to your overall health. Establishing the right plan to fit your needs can be difficult. Having someone to keep you accountable with making these changes and walking you through the transition can be a catalyst for a new, healthier phase of your life.

Joint Pain

This is a non-steroid and non-surgical approach to addressing musculoskeletal pain and helps the body heal itself. It is an in-office and minimally invasive technique using substances that "stimulate" a healing reaction in the area of dysfunction.


The Electro-Equiscope is a highly advanced and unique instrument that can decipher abnormal tissue response and then correct, normalize, and relax damaged tissue. This allows the body to heal itself. The therapy is non-invasive, non-chemical, painless and is faster than traditional medicine.

Blood Test

In Office Laboratory Testing

Laboratory Testing is an important part of a comprehensive evaluation of a patient. We are partnered with Quest Diagnostic Laboratories for conventional based laboratory testing. 

We also have the ability for holistic laboratory testing with select laboratories (insurance coverage may vary). If you need a wellness check or suspect you may need certain lab work done, call us today to schedule an appointment.

Image by Marcelo Leal

Deliver essential vitamins and minerals directly into your blood stream. Many diseases and illnesses can be linked to a lack of adequate nutrients. When ingesting nutrients through foods or supplements, the digestive process may strip away much of the desired nutritional value. When these are delivered through an IV, they bypass the digestive system and can be used by your body immediately.

Give Us A Call

Call us today to start a new path to achieving your health and wellness goals.

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