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Holding Hands

Access to Quality Care

Sliding Scale Discounts

Serving Hands Medical Center was founded to provide services for our community members that are unable to cover the cost of medical services because of being uninsured or under insured. Having full paying patients and fully covered insured patients allows us to direct funds to those that cannot cover the cost of their own care. We utilize a sliding scale to determine discounts for eligible patients, dependent on household size and annual income. Proof of annual or monthly household income will be needed to determine your discount. Household is defined as anyone living in your home that is earning income. Examples of income are a copy of most recent 1040 tax return form, copies of the most recent month of pay check stubs, or a recent letter from an agency that provides your financial support (DSHS, SSI, or Unemployment).

A precise estimate of cost might not be available before your visit since treatment plan is determined by the medical provider and patient. All patients will have a fee due at their visit that is based on the sliding scale. Additional charges if outstanding will be billed to you after eligible discounts are determined.

Find out if you are eligible for free or low-cost Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) coverage.


Free or low-cost Washington Apple Health is available year-round, and you may qualify for a special enrollment if you are uninsured or have certain life changes. Washington Health Plan Finder.  


According to our mission and purpose, Serving Hands Medical Center will aid in necessary medical services regardless of a patient’s ability to pay. All patients requesting financial aid will be asked to contribute funds toward their visit in order to maintain the overhead of our clinic. Any amount is accepted.

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